Peter's Photo Albums

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Welcome to my photo albums. Rather than just listing photos according to the roll of film the photo was on, I've reorganized things so that you can find photos in several ways. Click on a photo to see the album:
A chronological sequence of albums going back to 1997. This is the place to find new stuff, as it appears here first.
Interested in who all the people you see are? Here you can find photos of my family and friends, with links to some of their web pages.
Photos I believe have artistic merit. These aren't necessarily my favorites, but they're ones I find are special for one reason or another.
My favorite scenery shots from around California.
I'm always on the lookout for interesting textures to capture on film. Here are some of my best efforts.
Biking pictures. I've always been into cycling, and I even have a few pictures to prove it. Here are some.
Cars are more than just transportation for me. Here you'll find out why I like Hondas so much.